FSA Meeting notes

       Pop up Beauty Salon, similar to hair cutting fundraiser last year,
nails, makeup?
Stitch Your Heart Out, triangle scarf emphasis this year, assistance
with getting down basic stitches and moving on to a simple project
***Really excellent fundraising would raise money and promote the
fibres department, should we move to the VA, MB to spread the
word/make connections?

Concordia Grants:
FASA Special Projects Grant: Deadline Oct 6th? What would we like to
use those funds for?
Concordia Committee for Student Life (CCSL) grants- up to 500$
Alumni Association
Yarn Club
       -Purolator account to decrease shipping costs?
       -Promotion in fibre community of Montreal, posters in yarn stores, etc

Partnering with Diagonale- Jess

Fibres News/Poster/Publication –Selina
       -recruit one sponsor?
       -list fibres events, works, articles, interviews

VAV show, deadline October 3rd
       -writing proposal
       -encouraging incumbent FSA members to head up the VAV show

General FSA Meeting, October 4th, 12:30, Embellishing Room
       -Ali and Courteney??? Going to first year classes
       -Invitational Poster- Selina
       -Powerpoint Presentation to outline our activities last year- Jess

Goals for this year:
-Bringing Fibres to the attention of more Studio Arts/Concordia
students’ to our mandate, work to achieve a large presence or
awareness of Fibres within Concordia
-Creating ‘insitutional’ memory, introducing other students to carry on the FSA
-More organization, more spread out responsibilities, encouraging
committees with specific ‘chairs’ and objectives (Fundraising/Finance,
VAV show, Diagonale Show, Publication
-Making connections with galleries (Diagonale), spaces, people within
the Montreal fibre community

Other issues:
-Treasurer? Bank Account?


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