FSA Meeting Oct 25

1- Request from UQAM library for a copy of the DIagonale catalogue for archives

-inform writers of this

-Artist bok call for submissions

2- Dates for Diagonale show- Mar 17-24, 2012

-focus on the 2011-2010 catalogue earlier

3- Hallowe’en masks- Copies of the poster in the structures room to put up

4- Response to Tuition Hikes, FSA will support November 10th

-banner stitching session, Sunday, November 6th, afternoon/crafternoon, Lauren’s house

-bring scraps, snacks, etc

5- Stitch Your Heart Out

-awesome posters,

-promotion in the Hall building mezzanine, tables are free for student groups, knitting/crafting demo

6- Pop-Up Beauty salon: November 17th,

-Jess will send out a Doodle for times

-Steph to reserve space outside FARR

-Haircuts, braiding, nail polish, henna (?)

-baked goods, poster

-Ali- carafe for hot water, haircutting tools

**If you buy something in preparation for the salon, keep your receipts and submit them to Jess for reimbursement.

7- Craft Fair Fundraiser

-possibly next semester before the show,

-Use of St Emelie Skillshare

-FASA buttonmaker

8- Community Building

-Dip Dye denim day

9- Concordia Residence Fundraiser

-I (ali) have been approached by one of my former coworkers in residence if we could teach some fibre activities in one of the Loyola Residences, like knitting or silk screening etc. They would pay us, and pay for the supplies, and a few of us could go there, hang out with the residents, teach some skills, and use that money for the FSA.



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