_Hey girl, Here's the minutes from the meeting! I've cc'd Janna so she can put the minutes on the website. See you tomorrow!AliFSA Meeting Minutes


Exhibition: “Don’t Call It A Comeback”

Deadline: February 9th at 6pm, jury will meet February 10th,

8-13 works max



Ali: Sending Designer etc call out to DASA and CART

Essay: Ali asking theology, philosophy, poli sci departments

FARR publication grant $200, publication must be printed by March 16th, will be included in an exhibition March 16th        



Nicole Burisch, Rebecca will contact

                Barbara Layne

                Mary Wong (proposed, we may have to revisit this)


List of Inspiration Words

 Retort alternative perception misunderstanding remaking imitation misconception misleading return triumph renewal overshadowed rotation cycles turning point resurrection Frankenstein recovery response

Poster: Jess design,

                Ali (and others) putting up posters, Friday

Fundraising: Feb 14th, hair cutting and craft sale, with 480 class

                -Ali will send a Doodle for tabling in the Hall building Mezzanine


Next Year: Speaking in classes to invite other students, Janna, Courtenay


Other business: Watch ‘Point Break’ the movie, suggested by Janna



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