GLASS HOUSES is curated by fibres undergrads, Madeline Pippa Bartlett and Courtney Mayes and features over a dozen lovely artists including fibres students Benita Whyte, Emily McIntyre and Lauren Osmond.
Aran weight, woolen spun merino yarn dyed with acid dyes

Louis Bourgeois


Poppytalk did a blog post about Louis  Bourgeois today.  Check it out to get some inspiration for your application to Tight Knit (deadline in two days).  I know it's midterm season, but you can do it!  Apply!


Bake Sale


Have you been knitting for a long time but are afraid to try lace?  This is the workshop for you!  Come to Cafe X in the EV building on Wednesday February 23rd between 1pm and 4pm and Janna Vallee will be there to teach you simple lace knitting techniques and help you on your first swatch (which will double as an awesome book mark)

The Stitch Your Heart Out Series is a fundraising initiative by the Fibres Student Association.  Each workshop is $15 including a set of yarn and needles for students to take home.
 Concordia Fibres Undergrad Show

performance, production, presentation, repeated utterance, reiteration, reproduction, copy, replica, redundancy, iteration, practice, relation,renewal, litany, repeat, emphasis, monotony, preparation, convention, usefulness, assignment, background, discipline, catalogue, petition,refrain, prayer

Galerie Diagonale, 5455, rue de Gaspé,
espace 203, Montréal, March 12 - 26, 2011 (vernissage March 12th 2p.m. to 5 p.m.)


Participating artists include:

Amélie Arès
Madeleine Pippa Bartlett
Jessica Bélanger
Caroline Bergeron
Florence Boivin
Alexis Boyle
Julie Roch-Carrier
Sandra Chirico
Stephanie Coleman
Selina Doroshenko
Karen Warshaw-Lampcov
Stephanie Lau
Annie Legault
Nicole Levaque
Emily Luciani
Emily McIntyre
Lauren Osmond
Stuart Pearce
Evan Stanfield
Janna Vallée
Benita Whyte
Here's what our subscribers got last month!  It's merino again, oh how we love merino; it's so soft.  For those of you who received it here's a link to a pattern I think would be great for it.