The first batch is DONE and it is SO hard not to share with everyone the end result because it is so spectacular (in a toned down kind of way, haha I know I'm so mean).  My first hint (in the last post) was that I used natural dyes and that's as far as I'll hint, but I did want to share a little more about my recent experiences with natural dyeing. 

The interesting thing about working with these is that the finished fibre often looks much different from the original colour source.   For instance with Henna we began with an army green powder, which then went 'baby-poo' green as a paste and finally transformed on fibre into a gentle orange brown (I know very technical colour names and descriptors).  Also, although you may get a vibrant colour in the dye-pot you may be surprised to find a very toned down colour in the final fibre, which I LOVE.   This was my experience with dyeing the first batch for the yarn club, and I love the results.  As soon as the subscribers have received them I'll post pictures.


Hung Up


Please join Janna Vallee and Emily McIntyre at their exhibition opening next Tuesday, November 2nd from 7pm-9pm. Hung Up is a fibre based show, something the VAV Gallery rarely sees, so don't miss it!

VAV Gallery
...1395 Rene Levesque W

If you want to see the show on another day regular gallery hours are as follows:
Monday-Friday 9am-9pm. Hung Up runs until November 12th.

Mask Making


One of our fundraising initiatives this year is mask making for Halloween.  We got together last Wednesday and had a lot of fun printing and cutting them out for you all to enjoy.   They will be available next week at Cafe X for only $3

Natural Dyeing


We had a day of natural dyeing in Structures class last week and I got really inspired for the first batch of the Yarn Club.  Although I cannot give away any specifics until our subscribers have received their batch, I can tell you that I'm super excited about the colourway I've chosen.  Hint:  It is not shown in the form of fibre in the above pictures.

Yarn Candy: Sweet fibre by Melissa
We are excited to introduce our first fundraising initiative of the year! The Yarn Club!  

The Yarn Club is a fun and interesting way for people to support the FSA.  Subscribers sign up for 3 months at a time to receive 100 grams of hand-dyed yarn each month.  The fun part is that it is you get a SUPRISE each month as to what kind of yarn you'll receive and what the colourway will be.  The sure thing is that the yarn will be a luscious natural fibre and the colourway will be delicious!  

Here at the Concordia Fibres Program we dye fibres using a plethora of techniques which offer infinite possibilities, from natural dyeing, indigo dyeing to acid dyeing and fibre reactive dyeing!

Who is it for?  If you are a knitter, crocheter or weaver this is for you!  

Not any of those things?  You may want to consider a subscription as a gift for a yarn loving friend or family member!

What do I get?  300 grams of luscious hand-dyed yarn!  We send you 100 grams a month!  

What can I expect?  The yarn you receive will always be a natural fibre suitable to the season, and the colour will always be delicious!  Each month you will receive a new amazing colourway! 

Yarn Boosters are available to subscribers who wish to have more yarn at a discount as well as not having to pay more for shipping.

As a subscriber you have the choice to have the yarn arrive in your mail box every month (for $95 including tax and shipping) or to pick it up at Concordia University (for $70 including tax) if you live close by. 


Have questions?
We have a Frequently Asked Questions page here for your convenience!