Help us raise funds by getting a haircut outside the Fine Arts Reading Room this Thursday between 2pm and 5pm.  Stephanie is our stylist, and she really knows what she's doing! Pay what you can.



There are two fibres students that I know of that are participating in the upcoming exhibition and fundraiser GRIS at Diagonale Gallery, me (Janna Vallee) and Celina Doroshenko.   The above is one of Celina's submissions.  The auction begins on Saturday, so go and make your bids to support the artists and this fantastic fibres based gallery.

exposition bénéfice
27 novembre au 4 décembre
l'encan silencieux se termine le 4 décembre 2010, à 15 h.

Learn how to knit this Wednesday at our Stitch Your Heart Out workshop.  We didn't advertise well for the last one on October 27th, so if you are a beginner please come to the one this week, we'll hook you up (that would have much more punny if we were talking crochet - a future workshop idea perhaps).

I forgot that I had prepared this post for the reveal of the first shipment. Anyways, here are some patterns I thought you subscribers might like to try out your new yarn with.  They're FREE!  For the last one you can use the FSA yarn as the roving on the inside of the mitt.  These mittens will keep you very warm. 

Hung Up


Hung Up is up at the VAV Gallery until this Friday at 9pm if you haven't checked it out yet. 

I made a process video of my installation since I thought it would be fun to show the process of the photos going up in the form of a weave structure.  It's not as obvious as I'd like in the curtain portion of the installation, but you get the idea when I move to the walls.  The video is over 5 hours of footage crammed into less than a minute, check it out.
merino wool, hand-spun and hand-dyed with hibiscus flowers
The FSA is so grateful to you first subscribers, so we are showing our appreciation by starting off with a bang.  Don't worry this doesn't mean the next ones won't be as yummy, they will.  I am calling this colourway Dusty Rose.  It is hand-spun merino yarn dyed with hibiscus flowers.

bellow are some process photos of it being dyed.  You might be surprised by the colours you see in the dye pot, but alas that is testament to the tricky business of natural dyeing.