Interfold is the student run magazine at Concordia that showcases visual artwork within the Fine Arts Faculty. It is published biannually, and seeks to include diverse art practices based around a theme.
Interfold magazine attempts to bridge disciplines, create links among artists and provide a portal for the next steps for Concordia students. We hope to establish a professional, appealing magazine that offers a well-rounded scope of works from each branch of the Fine Arts department and archive student work for years to come.
Interfold will create an environment within the physical magazine, acting as a two-dimensional exhibition space. Our works will fall under the theme of confines within various perceptions and capacities. Everyday we experience interiority, within a building, within a city, within our bodies, within our mind. Through proprioception, we can understand our world, and the spaces that confine and protect us.

How do limitations affect the way we experience a space?
Do we perceive the structure of the body, of the mind as a space of absolute freedom?
How can someone find artistic liberation within confines?
How are the confines within our body different or similar to those that are manufactured or societally based?
How do people delimit confines around themselves?
Where does the paradox of liberation begin to constrict personal freedom?
Can destruction occur within something meant to create or establish an entity? Are confines inevitable, even within a structure of democracy?

-Pieces need to be completed works, please submit high quality photographs (300dpi)
-Please include short artist statement and description of the work.
-Written works can be no longer than 2000 words.
- 2 pieces of work per person.


**If you have submitted to other magazines on campus, please don’t submit the same work to us!!**

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