Yarn Candy: Sweet fibre by Melissa
We are excited to introduce our first fundraising initiative of the year! The Yarn Club!  

The Yarn Club is a fun and interesting way for people to support the FSA.  Subscribers sign up for 3 months at a time to receive 100 grams of hand-dyed yarn each month.  The fun part is that it is you get a SUPRISE each month as to what kind of yarn you'll receive and what the colourway will be.  The sure thing is that the yarn will be a luscious natural fibre and the colourway will be delicious!  

Here at the Concordia Fibres Program we dye fibres using a plethora of techniques which offer infinite possibilities, from natural dyeing, indigo dyeing to acid dyeing and fibre reactive dyeing!

Who is it for?  If you are a knitter, crocheter or weaver this is for you!  

Not any of those things?  You may want to consider a subscription as a gift for a yarn loving friend or family member!

What do I get?  300 grams of luscious hand-dyed yarn!  We send you 100 grams a month!  

What can I expect?  The yarn you receive will always be a natural fibre suitable to the season, and the colour will always be delicious!  Each month you will receive a new amazing colourway! 

Yarn Boosters are available to subscribers who wish to have more yarn at a discount as well as not having to pay more for shipping.

As a subscriber you have the choice to have the yarn arrive in your mail box every month (for $95 including tax and shipping) or to pick it up at Concordia University (for $70 including tax) if you live close by. 


Have questions?
We have a Frequently Asked Questions page here for your convenience!
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