The first batch is DONE and it is SO hard not to share with everyone the end result because it is so spectacular (in a toned down kind of way, haha I know I'm so mean).  My first hint (in the last post) was that I used natural dyes and that's as far as I'll hint, but I did want to share a little more about my recent experiences with natural dyeing. 

The interesting thing about working with these is that the finished fibre often looks much different from the original colour source.   For instance with Henna we began with an army green powder, which then went 'baby-poo' green as a paste and finally transformed on fibre into a gentle orange brown (I know very technical colour names and descriptors).  Also, although you may get a vibrant colour in the dye-pot you may be surprised to find a very toned down colour in the final fibre, which I LOVE.   This was my experience with dyeing the first batch for the yarn club, and I love the results.  As soon as the subscribers have received them I'll post pictures.


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