_Hey girl, Here's the minutes from the meeting! I've cc'd Janna so she can put the minutes on the website. See you tomorrow!AliFSA Meeting Minutes


Exhibition: “Don’t Call It A Comeback”

Deadline: February 9th at 6pm, jury will meet February 10th,

8-13 works max



Ali: Sending Designer etc call out to DASA and CART

Essay: Ali asking theology, philosophy, poli sci departments

FARR publication grant $200, publication must be printed by March 16th, will be included in an exhibition March 16th        



Nicole Burisch, Rebecca will contact

                Barbara Layne

                Mary Wong (proposed, we may have to revisit this)


List of Inspiration Words

 Retort alternative perception misunderstanding remaking imitation misconception misleading return triumph renewal overshadowed rotation cycles turning point resurrection Frankenstein recovery response

Poster: Jess design,

                Ali (and others) putting up posters, Friday

Fundraising: Feb 14th, hair cutting and craft sale, with 480 class

                -Ali will send a Doodle for tabling in the Hall building Mezzanine


Next Year: Speaking in classes to invite other students, Janna, Courtenay


Other business: Watch ‘Point Break’ the movie, suggested by Janna


1) Diagonale Show (17th-24th March)
-discuss possible titles, themes, prepare for Tuesday January 10th meeting, where we’ll finalize this.
Some current proposals:
-Retort: shocking, scandalous, subversive

b) Jury Members: Kelly Thomson, Mary Wong, Nicole Burisch (?)
-max 10 works
-Jury will meet February 10th

c) Call for Photographers/Graphic Designers
-in FASA newsletter before end of semester, deadline January 24th,
-Will be paid $250 or $500 for both,
-Can hire for one, or both.

d) Writers:
-Will approach Elaine Paterson to recommend students for writing
-also check ‘Combine’
-Decision on January 24th

e) Call for Submissions:
-only finished work
-photos would be taken soon after deadline

f) Catalogue
-Print date: March 9th
-Wall text: March 9th

2) Money:
Yarn club income Fall Semester
Hallowe’en mask income
Pop-up Beauty Salon

3) Fundraising
Huge Valentine’s Day fundraiser!
Craft sale
Bake sale
Haircuts/Pop-up Beauty
Publicity- (Ali) Mezz tabling, article in paper(s) postering buildings etc.

4) Up-Coming Important Dates:
FSA Meetings- Tuesday, January 10th, 12:30; Tuesday, January 24th, 12:30
Pre-Call for Submissions through FBRS department- Wednesday, January 11th
Deadline for Photographers/Designers- Wednesday, January 24th
FSA Call for Submissions through FASA- Wednesday, January 25th


Deadline for Submissions- Thursday, February 9th
Jury Meets: Friday, February 10th
Fundraiser: Tuesday, February 14th, or Wednesday, February 15th
  FSA Meeting Oct 25

1- Request from UQAM library for a copy of the DIagonale catalogue for archives

-inform writers of this

-Artist bok call for submissions

2- Dates for Diagonale show- Mar 17-24, 2012

-focus on the 2011-2010 catalogue earlier

3- Hallowe’en masks- Copies of the poster in the structures room to put up

4- Response to Tuition Hikes, FSA will support November 10th

-banner stitching session, Sunday, November 6th, afternoon/crafternoon, Lauren’s house

-bring scraps, snacks, etc

5- Stitch Your Heart Out

-awesome posters,

-promotion in the Hall building mezzanine, tables are free for student groups, knitting/crafting demo

6- Pop-Up Beauty salon: November 17th,

-Jess will send out a Doodle for times

-Steph to reserve space outside FARR

-Haircuts, braiding, nail polish, henna (?)

-baked goods, poster

-Ali- carafe for hot water, haircutting tools

**If you buy something in preparation for the salon, keep your receipts and submit them to Jess for reimbursement.

7- Craft Fair Fundraiser

-possibly next semester before the show,

-Use of St Emelie Skillshare

-FASA buttonmaker

8- Community Building

-Dip Dye denim day

9- Concordia Residence Fundraiser

-I (ali) have been approached by one of my former coworkers in residence if we could teach some fibre activities in one of the Loyola Residences, like knitting or silk screening etc. They would pay us, and pay for the supplies, and a few of us could go there, hang out with the residents, teach some skills, and use that money for the FSA.





I've added the Fibres Dept room and technician schedules for 2011 on the website.  I know having them online will be helpful for me, I hope you'll find it helpful too.

You can find them under the 'for members' part of the website.

FSA Meeting notes

       Pop up Beauty Salon, similar to hair cutting fundraiser last year,
nails, makeup?
Stitch Your Heart Out, triangle scarf emphasis this year, assistance
with getting down basic stitches and moving on to a simple project
***Really excellent fundraising would raise money and promote the
fibres department, should we move to the VA, MB to spread the
word/make connections?

Concordia Grants:
FASA Special Projects Grant: Deadline Oct 6th? What would we like to
use those funds for?
Concordia Committee for Student Life (CCSL) grants- up to 500$
Alumni Association
Yarn Club
       -Purolator account to decrease shipping costs?
       -Promotion in fibre community of Montreal, posters in yarn stores, etc

Partnering with Diagonale- Jess

Fibres News/Poster/Publication –Selina
       -recruit one sponsor?
       -list fibres events, works, articles, interviews

VAV show, deadline October 3rd
       -writing proposal
       -encouraging incumbent FSA members to head up the VAV show

General FSA Meeting, October 4th, 12:30, Embellishing Room
       -Ali and Courteney??? Going to first year classes
       -Invitational Poster- Selina
       -Powerpoint Presentation to outline our activities last year- Jess

Goals for this year:
-Bringing Fibres to the attention of more Studio Arts/Concordia
students’ to our mandate, work to achieve a large presence or
awareness of Fibres within Concordia
-Creating ‘insitutional’ memory, introducing other students to carry on the FSA
-More organization, more spread out responsibilities, encouraging
committees with specific ‘chairs’ and objectives (Fundraising/Finance,
VAV show, Diagonale Show, Publication
-Making connections with galleries (Diagonale), spaces, people within
the Montreal fibre community

Other issues:
-Treasurer? Bank Account?