Remember last year when each time we revealed our monthly Yarn Club batch, you were sad that you hadn't signed up for it?  Well we're back, so you have another chance to get some gorgeous yarn in your mailbox each month.  This year there are only two opportunities for you to support the Fibres Student Association in this way.  So sign up for a three-month subscription before September 26th to receive yarn in your mailbox in October, November and December, or between September 27th and December 23rd to receive yarn in your mailbox in January, February and March.  Remember this isn't just any yarn; it's luscious hand-painted-by-us yarn.  It doesn't get better than that!

Above is the Yarn Club's March 2011 batch which was a 100% merino wool, lace weight yarn naturally dyed with indigo

Fundraising initiatives by the FSA help us to fund visiting artists, student exhibitions and educational trips :)



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